1. On the K-theory coniveau epimorphism for products of Severi-Brauer varieties
    (joint with Nikita Karpenko
    Annals of K-theory to appear. 
    (Final Preprint. 21 Pages. October 19, 2018.)

  2. The coniveau filtration on $\mathrm{K}_1$ for some Severi-Brauer varieties
    Canad. Math. Bull. to appear.
    (Final Preprint. 11 Pages. October 9, 2018.)


  1. Functorality of the gamma filtration and computations for some twisted flag varieties
    (Preprint. 16 Pages. June 21, 2019)
    Previous version: On the gamma filtration of Severi-Brauer varieties

  2. Codimension 2 cycles on Severi-Brauer varieties and decomposability
    (Preprint. 14 Pages. July 12, 2019.)

  3. Universal additive Chern classes and an integral GRR-type theorem
    (Preprint. 10 Pages. November 12, 2018.)